Monday, September 27, 2010

Digi iPhone 4 me

Please with cherries on top.

When i was at a tender age of 10 or so i'd like to think, it was the start of the Japan product revolution. Nintendo Gameboy was a popular platform that attracted many young boys and girls to be an addict of that sort. It was every kids' dream to have one. Including me. Which i never had as my family was having a financial crisis that we just couldn't afford to buy one. And to even have a Barbie, it was a blessing.
My cousins (both brothers) were, however, very fortunate to have one. In fact, they have all of them. From the original Gameboy, to the one with colour, Gameboy Advance to the latter one, Gameboy SP. I would always look forward to meeting them as they live in Penang, to dominate one of their Gameboys.

Then came the Playstation when i grew a little older. But then again, i did not dare to ask my parents to splurge their hard earned money to buy the platform as they had debts to clear off.

I grew up surrounded by fortunate friends and family. I would always take upon an envious feeling and sulk. My younger days were all very bitter as i was under strict watch by my parents. Sleep no later that ten, multiplication time table to memorize every night and a load of other restrictions.

Talking about being fortunate though, i can be counted as one i guess. My mum would often bring me to travelling and visiting out of the country's borders. Though the flight to the destination were always a bore, of course this applicable in comparison to the service provided on flight today. The only thing that i anticipate whenever i go on board is the food they are going to serve. If i were a boy, i'd go for the air-stewardess. Am i the only one who enjoys the food provided? And speaking of food, you can choose your drinks too! Talking about luxury in an economy seat! Still, i would often find myself running to and fro the toilet and back to the seat. Simply because there was nothing to do! And also for exercising purposes.

Now, when Apple iPods and iPhones were introduced to Malaysia, i was emotionally happy and physically jumping hopscotch. But it was over my budget, so i was emotionally upset and physically sullen.

Since i have money constraint, i can only sigh when new Apple products are being promoted and when my friends strut their iPhones with cool fancy covers. They were so generous to have let me play their iPhones, but they were filled with regret after when i would not return as i was addicted to playing the applications downloaded.

Nothing can compare to the privileges installed in the iPhone 4, not even my soon-to-be-dead handphone with very limited battery life and Vga camera. Who still uses that anyway?!

Hence, it is a blessing to have an iPhone 4 for me and my boring days will soon come to an end. Now i pray that Digi will grant my wish to owning an iPhone 4 myself.

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