Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


First off, my neglecting of this blog is solely on purpose. I have been contemplating to create a new blog as i am pretty bored with the current that i promptly decided to the hell with it. But in the midst of creating one, I started scratching my head. I thought twice, ate some Hersheys, and went to the loo. To no avail. I could not think of the perfect blog address.

So i dropped the whole idea of creating a new blog. And lazed around like a couch potato.

Some excuse eh?

Anyways, new year started off with my trip to Singapore and good heavens, i had had the best time in my life yet.

Had dinner with these two and family during new year's eve.

All i can remember was that there were many walkings, shopping and eating.

The trip would have been better if it wasn't for the unpredictable weather that stopped me from going to Sentosa.

Sorry for the lack of words. Will be back with a better update. I just lost my blogging appetite.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Prepare the way

As new year is fast approaching, in fact, it is in a day's time, we find ourselves in utter remorse or in celebration but in my case, i'll stick to the latter. I am completely glad that i am no longer a high school student with restrictions and boundaries. With the year of the tiger being very stressful, i am relieved and proud to say that those days are now over. But greater stress has yet to come, i'm afraid.

Looking back, i did accomplish several things i never thought i was capable of doing.
I gained new experiences through both hard and easy ways, gained new friends whom are true to themselves, gained back the love for baking and cooking and unfortunately, i gained weight while doing so too.

(pictures in no particular order)

I was also saved this year. And the feeling was simply amazing. To accept Jesus into my life has practically changed me, bit by bit. To acknowledge His presence in my high and lows gives me complete courage and determination to strive harder. His unfailing love moves me everyday.

On a second thought, this year ain't all that bad. I am ready for revival next year!

Will be celebrating new year in Singapore. Initially, i was supposed to leave the day after my Malacca trip, but there were some complications. Thank God everything is solved just in time for the New Year. Bought a bus ticket with an inclusive meal for Saturday morning. Gonna make full use of the vacation before deciding on the suitable course to take which is not going to be easy.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Si Kancil

I suppose everyone, young or old, thin or fat, short or tall, Malaysian or not, knows the story of how Malacca came to be. I happened to pay attention in school when this was taught during the history lesson back when i was in primary school. Or so i'd like to think.

Before Malacca, (there may be some alterations due to my excessive memory loss to fill in with some more redundant memories) there was this man named, Parameswara. He was a prince from Temasek. A handsome prince, my teacher would say. Her trick to draw the attention of the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder people alike me, which was rather successful i might add. So anyway, (insert some creative story here). Things happened, which causes Parameswara to seek refuge in various countries. After fleeing from one place to another due to the fear of being discovered by his biggest enemy, Parameswara felt exhausted and so he decided to rest under a pokok melaka. While he was complaining to his followers about the outrageous heat (he also mentioned to sue the sun, ridiculous really), he witnessed a mousedeer kicking and abusing his dog. Amused and impressed by the random mousedeer that came out from nowhere, he was prompted to name the land Malacca. Poor dog. Wonder what happened to it.

So there you go! Fascinating story that is.

Eversince the public examination ended, i am constantly filled with dull days. There is a possibility that due to my daily complaints of how dreadfully slow the time flies each day that the youth in church spontaneously agreed to go on a trip to Malacca on Boxing day. With a limited amount of money, i resisted temptation to pay almost anything. Just so i can spend more in Jonker Street (the mecca of imitation products, antiques, arts for grabs and street food).

When i was told we were to stay at a chalet deep within the forest up Bukit Hantu, i was a little jittery. What a ghastly name, i thought to myself. But lo and behold! To my delight, El Sanctuary was beyond my expectations and i would trade all my life to stay there permanently. The atmosphere was simply peaceful and earthy. And there were monkeys! But how i wish to destruct the annoying mosquitoes.

Straight after church on a beautiful and glorious Sunday afternoon, with much anticipation, we took off, famished, to the historical state.

Nathaniel's Christmas gift for Joyce with the intention to share the given chocolates in the car.

Half way through the journey, Joyce had a craving for Seremban's famous siew bao. So she bought some siew bao, alongside eggtarts and other type of baos. Never got the chance to try them.

And then we had the most awesome beef noodles ever. The most seductive, luscious, orgasmic, filthy beef noodles. It was worth the wait.

I would have definitely ordered a second bowl if i weren't too conscious about gaining that extra pound.
The adorable dogs at El Sanctuary.

All geared up to leave Bukit Hantu for the city!

Fried Ochien with a generous amount of eggs is what this lady happen to offer in this small vendor. She garnered a lot of praise and compliments for her irresistible fried oysters over the years. I missed out on this :-(
Avid fans of live acts and golden classical songs gather and seated patiently hours before the actual time set.

The famous Taiwan sausages with various flavours of your choice.

If i am not mistaken, this ones are of Honey Lime flavoured.

Fruit candy sticks. Too sweet and sour for my liking.

Dim Sums fresh from the streets! I'd get diarrhea if i ever eat them due to my weak stomach. But they're palatable for the norms.

Jonker 88, famous for their durian cendol and Nyonya delicacies. The queue was extremely long, which isn't a surprise, so we decided to head for another one near the end of the street.

Darwin with the tornado chips.

They had the worst Assam Laksa among all i have tried. It tasted like poison.

The wooden slingshot in a shape of gun which i bought with much delight.

The handcrafted wooden clogs Peranakan people used to wear only in the wet kitchen.

The girls' chalet.
All packed up to leave malacca. :'(

Had chicken rice balls for lunch

Someday, i will own a house alike this. Or perhaps, the actual house in it's original state.

You cannot leave Malacca without a bowl of Cendol.

Had the time of my life with the people i love so dearly this Christmas. :-) I'm so blessed.