Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And so the list goes on

And now i shall unleash my top five places, or theme parks i'd say, to go before i reach 26 and a half. Because as you hit 27, you are officially no longer a young adult. Or so some people would like to think. If you're lost, read my older post below and scroll right back up to this post.

Now, drumrolls please!
Wait, before that, just to clarify things ;
  1. I have a passion for everything Harry Potter and i prefer to flicker wands and do magic rather than to sparkle and be a vegan vampire.
  2. I have yet to unleash my inner child. I just need some cash. Sponsor, anyone? *shows off shiny, shaved, mosquito bitten legs.
  3. I love adrenaline.

And the number 5ive hot spot goes to,

The dumpster. Sweet pile of trash ready to be cannonballed by none other than yours truly.
L.o.l. see i'm so young i know what kids nowadays type in the internet! :D *jokes.
It'd be awesome though.

And the number 5ive hot spot goes to, ARE YOU READY?!

Happiest Celebration on Earth seh! That just cracked me up. Ha! You have just been lame-fied! Anyway, yes, i know this isn't the best one yet, but it's Disneyfreakenhallelujah-ishland! In Asia! Filled with canton-speaking people! And the holy grail of smelly tofu and delicious delicacies! *screams in delight bitchy high pitch tone

In comparison to the dump site, i think they are both on par. Lol, jk. Hahaha trying to act young but failed miserably. Like oh ma gawdd. Totally. Ok, imma certified bimbo. I'll get back to that bitch attitude later for i am ecstatic for what you are about to see below. :D

Ok, so the number 4our hot spot goes to,!

Paris Disneyland yaw! Bonjour bonjour oui oui! Yes, i have a soft spot to all things Disney ok. What i love most are the thrill rides and the lustful dolls and souvenirs. And French boys. With them tweed caps. And annoying mimes. Mmmmm donuts. ;)

Now, what you are about to see upnext are all pg 13 only. Viewers discretion are higly advisable. You may need a child of the age 6 and below to accompany you. Be enthused. Be highly enthused!

Okay so there might be no number 3hree or 2wo because, why not? ;)
That'd make this post longer and time-consuming. So let's continue with number before the first of our list.

(Y)! The origin of all Disneylands. The mecca of fairytales and forever after. The foundation of all Disney cartoons. The love of all children. I deserve to fall into that category. And your argument is invalid.

And are you ready for the much anticipated theme park of the year?! NO? THEN YOU BETTER BE! Cause you're in for a pee-possibility ride! ;) This themepark is truly a haven to all fans and non-fans. Because of this, the believe of the existence of magic and Ron Weasley and floo powder has arrived, and increasing. Behold!

I believe i have made myself peed. Credits to J.K. Rowling, without whom, this would never have had happened. I love you and i'd turn gay to be your child.

I'll just leave this here. ;) Look at them people! And the lights omg i would kill a bird and sew it's wings and fly there just in time for the opening ceremony. D;

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