Friday, December 5, 2008

Wimax time.

I've got a birthday celebration with humans on wednesday. It was quite a bore for me but i would like to thank miss. irene heaps for the all-expense paid day. We wanted to watch bolt 3D at first but we came late and the tickets we booked were released to others. Hence,we tried archery to kill boredom but heaven's sake,i was terrible! Haha' I was so emberassed that i stopped after 3 arrows. Laugh all you want but i am gonna do archery no more. After that,we fit some italian to our schedule. We went and eat pizza hut. Heh,it was not bad. (: Until mum called and ruined it. *sigh*
Anyway,i'm currently blogging now cause i've got wimax installed in my comp liao! (:
I'm so tired of elaborating,let the pictures continue.
Oh yeah,before that i shall tell you about today. Well,i went school for spbt (skim pinjaman buku teks/something borrow books). I was the earliest since my mum has got to go for some warm up in the gym. I noticed that the clouds formed 3 different colours which was beautiful. Heeee,like me right? Jkjk. Thus,with absolute boredom and fascinated at the same time,i reached my bag to get my phone. So the picture will be below this post. Enjoy then. :D

I know i suck at it. Big deal.

My favourite Cheen. (:

The ones who perform

Red shirt sesat :O

Notice the three?


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