Monday, December 1, 2008

My birthday is just a mile away (:

Yes,my birthday is just around the corner. (;
I'm turning fifteen! Heeeeeeeee :D

Playboy Aidan promised me to buy me lunch in Zen sushi/japanese restaurant. Heh. We had rows when he asked me to pick a restaurant. At first i said i wanna try out the new sushi restaurant next to extreme in pyramid but he told me its expensive and there wasn't much choice. So i decided to go for TgiFriday's but he went berzerk and told me
that he is not buying me an expensive lunch like that. I shouted back at him and said it is not expensive but worth it. However,i felt bad and asked him to choose instead. Bummer,i should have known i shouldn't say that cause he was pretty mad. Haha' I was kinda fed up as well and told him its my day and i am suppose to eat and choose what i want. Are you (Aidan) reluctant to buy a meal i feel like eating just for that very day? Thus,i was so furious that i didn't feel like going anymore. After that row,he apologized and he suggest Zen. *sigh* How could i resist this tempting offer? (:
Future CEO in the making (;

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