Saturday, December 6, 2008


Just got back from various bakeries in search for muffins! (:
Since its my birthday tmr,muffins for my friends wont hurt can it? Haha' Thus,i went searching for it in taipan with ken and irene not long ago. We went baker's cottage at first,but there isn't any sign of it. Hence,we tried our luck in king's confectionary. Such a waste of time going there when there's muffins in berry's instead. Haha' So i bought all 6 of it at a price of rm1.90 each. Its dirt cheap and worth-while since theres many choc chips in it.

After that,ken dropped irene home and then to mine. Thanks for the ride,ken. ;D

Mouth-watering muffins *saliva drooling*

Ken,irene and the almightey trisha (:


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