Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Post about Jin's birthday.

Happy Birthday Choi Rae Jin NurAshikin A/p Letchumy! (:
Today is that girl punya hari jadi. Fuh,can be my moyang liao! Heh. I've known her since primary and she's been a very good friend all this years. For her birthday,i have to say she deserves the best for what she has done to me so far. Although she loves critisizing but its all just a joke and we all know that. Today,irene and i went to pyramid to watch bolt. At the same time,i was also planning to give her her birthday present. I bought a soft toy for her from memory lane whereas irene bought a flower thingy. Its no cheap so i do hope she appreciates it. :D After the movie and shopping,went makan wanton mee at some chinese restaurant near nando's. And the rest goes to history. Irene's in my house now for the sleepover thingy. Here's pics.

Irene. (:

The birthday girl. (;

Went grocery shopping. Haha'

sweet beginnings and bitter endings.

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