Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Year end sale madness.

The sleepover was amazing and we slept at 5 am. Oh boy,she was an excellent chef too. She cooked my breakfast and it tastes oh-so-good. (I hope yeah happy and bangga now,Cheen. :D) We then took a cab to curve at around 11 to buy my new year clothes. Don't ask me why i'm buying it when cny is a mile away. Its the year end sale! Nobody can resist it kan? Gorgeous offer and tempting buy-one-free-one,i can smell all those from the core of the earth. So anyway,we ate at marche's and drop by the cineleisure to buy tickets for wild child since we've got not much to do. I wanna have a sleepover again! ):

The house bunny and the best friend's girl.

She knows how to fry! :O

Locked up in the fitting room.

We needed some switzerland meal.

Thin crust hawaiian pizza. Nice (:

Sweet beginnings and bitter endings.

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