Monday, December 8, 2008

Let the wild begin.

I went to sunway resort hotel to eat hi-tea at the atrium with mum's best friend since the 90s',Auntie Elaine and her 15 year old daughter,Elodie. The main purpose of this buffet is because they're migrating to Auckland,NZ very soon. So my mum took the opportunity to spend time with her best friend since primary for the last time. Understandable. While eating at the atrium i decided to watch some movie in pyramid with Elodie. Since we have nothing to do after the meal,must as well we rest our stomach by watching a good movie. Mum agreed and hand me 50 bucks to buy the ticket. I also thought of buying a shawl since i'm freezing there when something went utterly bad. My heels was a disaster that i had to face emberassment for a while. I quickly went to Vincci to buy a new pair with the help of Elodie too. Gosh,what can i do without her? Haha' :D But i can't afford to buy a shawl at that moment so i held my head up and face the coldness in the cinema. Sooner or later i'll get used to it anyway. (:

After the 3:20 pm movie,went back home feeling very tired. Mother's face was filled with tears when auntie elaine was about to leave. She kneel on the floor begging her not to go. It was so much like a drama. Haha' Well,i was just exagerating. She did not do so. (: *SIGH* Leaving everything behind except for sweet memories must have been hard for them. But i rather go then to stay in this dreadful country.

Well,i shall not talk about that anymore. Tomorrow ah Cheen will be coming over to my house to spend a night with me. Stop with that negativity going around in you head,its not like what you think. Its just a SLEEPOVER like what other girls do. I sssssssoooooooo cant wait. :D We'll be watching Bolt and grocery shopping in the wee time of noon and party all night long. Heh. Well not exactly party. Just a few drinks and a couple of movies to watch will do.

I'm EXCITED as any person could be!

Elodie with caesar salad. (:

We were the earliest in the cinema. Hallelujah!

Atrium,serves good food.

The two lass.

Sweet beginnings,bitter endings.

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