Sunday, November 30, 2008

It ended the wrong way.

I've been through many encouters till today. I survived,literally. I pick up a new interest,GOLF is the sport i will be gleefully watching. Apart from that,figure skating is another story. (: If you're utterly bored with no shows or tv programmes to watch,i recommend you to watch sports. Yes,this will happen to you. You hated sports,but when you're oh-so-bored at home since its the hol,voila! In 3 days time,a sport expert you will be. :D Proven scientifically.
And don't be surprise,porche must be a very expensive and luxurious car,but! It got into a race. International Porche Supercup on tv screens worldwide! Fyi,if you're a highly paid human,you may spend tremendous cash on those porches' which are soon to be crashed. You are welcome to do so. (:

Hols was indeed a period of time where you have the chance to do/discover many things and to spend cash! I have to admit that i spent a big sum of cash and theres no doubt i did. I couldn't resist but to spend!
I shall not talk about money now as i am devastated when i found out my piggy bank was left only with silver coins.

I shall talk about the birthday celebration in Thai Thai. It was Brandon Lim's 15th birthday. The meal was superb but i ended up feeling guilty because most of the meal was paid by irene and also jowinder. I promise to buy irene an expensive meal. And i shall keep my promise. (:

Oh yeah,i've finally got a desktop. Sadly,it was not a laptop. But anyhow,it looks so pretty. When it came to my house,i counted this cpu as my new family member. I name it,the cpu .

Pictures! (:

iKANO toilet

How to become CEO (Thats me!)

Birthday celebration ;)

Happy horny 15!

The cpu. *with entrance song*

Its me,The Ceo.
end. (:

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