Monday, November 17, 2008

I've had chats with ethan and we chat all morning. :D

Hey you cut your hair!
Yeah lah,now only you know meh.
It kinda makes your face look chubbier. Ahaha
Well too bad lah.It looks good in my opinion. Diff people has diff taste oh kay.
Chillin la.. Dont start to be perasan k. In fact,you look like grudge. I can only see one side of your eye.
Is that an insult? Hmph!
No la. Its a compliment. But it looks scary tho. :D
Looking like a character from a horror film does not make me feel any better kay.
Grudge looks pretty what. The only thing you need to change is to straighten your hair and make it messy! I bet everyone cant get their eyes off you. :D
Thank you ethan for that wonderful tip. Ish.

And thats when i start to realise that he is the only one that says i'm having nice haircut in a bad way. Well,his mouth usually stinks. So thats not a surprise. Haha'

I'm uber mad at friendster. All my friends are gone and left two whom i barely know. What the hell. What game is God playing now? Duck,duck,duck!

Oh oh,i'm getting a laptop tmr. I'm getting a laptop tmr. I'm getting a laptop tmr! Woots! Haha' But its not completely mine. Its got to be shared and loved by the people staying under the same roof as me. Whattheduckling.
But still,i'll be blogging everyday. I'll be taking a kleenex to wipe it everyday. I'll be taking care of it like if its a living thing everyday! Oh my,i bet i'll be the one using it everyday. Haha'

Oh joy to the world!


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