Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thee season of joy. :T

My mum's back. Haha' She bought loads of chocs and things i crave. (:

School's out,hols in.

Cut my hair and change myself. Physically.

Quarelled with mum and things will no longer be the same again.

Went out with my bud and i was on budget. It was a success. I save 50 malaysian bucks.

She cut bangs,but i think she regretted.

Gonna get a laptop.soon i hope.

Tuition starts,maths was a bore. It has always been (in my opinion) .

My cousin,Ellen,has all As' for upsr. When will i ever get all As'?

I sneak into my uncle's room to find his psp. :D

And dear friend Nala,please think twice and don't change a bit. I love the way you are,now.

Pictures! :D

Choc and loaded.

Limited edition vodka.

Great chocs tastes better with your buddy. ;D

She thinks my hair looks good on me. *flips hair* :D

I want that 79 bucks top. :O

This is a BAD stylist.

Waiting. Heart beating real fast.

Tada! *with song*

Look who's managed to hold it. *evil grins*

Cousin's. Utterly bored. :(

Beat that piglet!


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