Friday, October 3, 2008

No nothing nada nil.

Hello. I still haven't got my raya packets yet. Boo :( Anyways,i actually had ttion at 3:30 today but i skipped it! Had to visit my uncle and stuffs like that. Its at Selayang hopital. He fell sick so and so. Don't bother telling cause its long. :D
Irene and i made plans today. We're goging swimming tmr! Finally,i could see a face from my daisies. Haha! IU'm goging to tech her trigo as well. I cant say i'm all good at it but hey,i know a few! :) Hah. Pictures of my uncle and the creepy hospital. And of course,theres me. Cam whoring in the toilet. I syok sendiri like mad. :D

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