Thursday, October 2, 2008

Selamat hari raya aidilfitri!

I spent my day by helping my mum paint her room.fuish,she'a so fussy man. This one cannot that one cannot. Haha! While paiting,we listened to mamamia the sountrack. Mom bought it straight after watching the movie. I so wanna watch the movie mam. :D I'm gonna watch it with mom again on friday. I cant wait! Hoho.
Altho its raya,i'm still having ttion. ): Sad i know,but its all for the best. I studied geography form one but nothing went in to my dungu head. Ha! Anyway trigonometry is so ducking hard. Some questions made my head felt like a baloon ready to explode! :O

Please take note that i miss my friends a lot. ;C Oh how i wish to be around them now. All the laughters would definitely make my day.

Oh Ashikin : I love to be insane and to talk craps with you (:
Oh Irene : I love to spenf cash and think of future get-aways with you! :P
Oh Shakila : I love to be with a monkey like you :X
Oh Nala : I love our chats and i miss your advices. :D

And for those people whom i known for a long term and for those new pen yous, i miss your faces!

This is a nightmare.
So long,farewell,enjoy the pics. I want raya green packets!

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