Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mamma mia !

Woke up at 7:33 am today cause apparently miss iranafghanistan wanted to go swimming. So i had to wake up. Hung out with her from 8 till 10 until she moved her butt to picky's. At eleven i went to tuition which was uber boring as usual. But hey,guess what? I went to pyramid with mum after that. :D We went to watch mamma mia which starts at 5 so we went walking to shop for good stuFFs! Haha! I bought this padini shorts for rm 62.10 after discount and straight to aussino to buy bed sheets! :D Was glad that i managed to pujuk my momma to buy them. Ha! After watching the awesome movie. my mom and i went to nandos to meet up with bro to eat dinner. :B After dinner,i went to speedy to buy abba and oasis albums for only rm9.90 each! Had to drag my mom there actually. She was dung lazy. Pfft. End of the day. Tiring as well. :/

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