Friday, September 12, 2008

all in one (:

I've got a confession to make. The only thing i feared most is asking my mom for money. I have to admit that i am as a matter of fact. Thats why i am always short of money and have to save my allowance for the whole month to get what i truly want. I'm not daring enough to ask my mum lotta things including my dad. He's so cheap-skate that he will only buy stuffs for me when theres discount or below 50 bucks. Only on my birthday,that'll be a different story lah.
These few days ago i was devastated whaen i found out after all my hardwork,no one actually appreciate it in that club. Well,i should not hope for more but i cant help it but to be angry and sad. Oh by the way,i wanna quit dancing after grade 8. I'm not like those type of girls who dance. Haha' anyway,i'm having the mood to learn french and mandarin. Yeah man,how i wish to stay at paris. One day im telling you. One fine day..
Ah anyways,after watching the movie MONEY NOT ENOUGH 2 , mum decided to bring grandmum to New Zealand. How i wish to follow,but im gNG USA ! So of course lah americaaa. Oh yeah,the new zealand trip is so frigging expensive! rm 9000 PER person. AND free jar of honey only. Stupid no? Right,gotta go now. I'm like in cyber cafe with cheen irene. Haha' So long!
P/s : Watch money no enough 2. You'll cry! :)

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