Saturday, September 13, 2008

Coughs and sore throats

Hello. I've got sore throat and i cant stop coughing like mad. It makes no diff after eating several cough drops. I went and bought 4 kinds of cough drops from 7-eleven. All did not work and it felt as if im taking my last breath. While i was sucking the peppermint lozenges from the brand woods,i realize that the fisherman's friend cough drops only cures cough due to cold. I was of course shocked and that was the most expensive among the other cough drops. Not that expensive but i could use that money to buy chips or crisps. Ahaha,yes,i regret so badly now.

Anyway,when i was walking with irene back to my home on friday,theres this guy in a black vios car approach to us and asked if we would love to work as a part time sales promoter. We were dang happy,cause for only 6 hrs of work,we will get rm200 per day. When we got back home,that guy completely ignored irene's inquiries via sms. When i asked,he replied. One thing that makes me think he's trying to con us that he asked for my bra size. He's reason is because he wants to make a company shirt. I didnt reply as i was kind of pissed. It's obviously a personal question. He's not emberassed at all. Where got such people ask these questions one!

So yeah,theres this shop called my mydin near my dad's hse and i think its so much better than the real mydin which has a strong odour. Well,i've never been there actually but you can sometimes judge a book by its cover. SOMETIMES lah. Haha'
I so wanna play my sims now. Just bought it at summit with irene the other day. Cant wait! Of couse its chiplak one lah but im just gonna play once. Hence,toodles! Hope my throat gets better. (:

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