Saturday, September 6, 2008

I went cuckoo :R

we see no evil,speak no evil,hear no evil
yeah apa ni? we nrds (:
new one,smell no evil. buhahahahha!
marche,curve. oh the chicken ! :D
mng,curve. Hee :D
Hello,sorry for not updating for a long time.No comp at home,only at dad's.Long story and i dont bother to tell.Exam's like around the corner and i still cant get myself to read a book.English can lah,but sejarah..Hahaha. I dont read sejarah. Went and find irene this afternoon since she was alone in secret recipe. I couldn't bare to leave her alone.Besides,she's been there for me at all times.Well we almost see each other after schl everyday,well,ALMOST. Haha,she wants to see her MAN . Above are a few pics of us (: Enjoy while it lasts.

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