Sunday, December 5, 2010


The ambiance, the atmosphere, the interior, the dim lights, the hospitality, the wooden tables, the imported-from-Taiwan Vogue magazines, the pretty-Taiwanese-no-doubt-waiters-and-skinny-hot-waitress, the great company and oh the food was just splendid!

And it's amazing how my grandmother and her sisters enjoyed the food without complaining or judging as they tend to do so all the time without fail.

Also, my skills in handling little children are still in top notch as i singlehandedly without learning, successfully persuaded my little godbrother into finishing his soup by convincing him that he'll obtain biceps alike Optimus Prime and Pikachu. He believed and showed me how strong he was by picking up a chair. I swear tears prickled in my eyes. I am destined to be a mother. Who needs 'choo-choo-train' and the flying of a spoon to replace a plane? They're obsolete.

TaipeiTaipei at Subang Avenue, head down there if you've time to spare. It's worthy of your car petrol.

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