Monday, October 25, 2010

Tid bits.

This makes me wanna make apples dipped into caramel top with colourful bright candies.

I shouldn't be blogging at this time of the day. SPM is drawing nearer by day and i'm freaking out. But i could not bring myself to study as how i promised myself 8 months ago. I must say the drills that is ongoing in school for the form fives does help me a little.

I felt a pang of regret not attending school today. The fact that my Malay language is moderate and it varies (sometimes i do good in papers, sometimes not) makes me feel a little concerned.

I just noticed whenever i get nervous, i would bit my lip and roll my eyes and sometimes, sometimes i'd bite my fingernails. Yes, i'm aware that is gross disgusting filthy whatever you call it, but that's how i roll.

A little picture i stumbled into this morning. :)

And i would love to have a collection of these on my wall.

Mmmm, i smell of chamomile tea calling upon me. And some crisp orange cookies. Luxury, in it's simplicity.

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