Friday, October 29, 2010

Maybe these maps and legends have been misunderstood.

So my friends bailed out on me today. This means no pasta, also cause i am just lazy to clean up the mess i would most probably make in my tiny-no-space-for-fat-people kitchen. Okay scratch the third last word.

I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to find my mother already out of the house leaving some left-over on my table top. Feeling a little light-headed, i went back to slumber. Woke up reluctantly after what felt like a minute of sleep to answer nature's calling.

I feel the need to have a hot bath and a massage therapy to rejuvenate all my energy loss from the ache in my stomach that is happening consecutively by day. Bummer that is.

Later today, I made an impromptu decision to try out a new cafe called the Vanilla place opposite Toys 'r' us in Empire around noon after memorizing a list of Moral nilais. And i solemnly regret stepping out of the house. Why?
  1. i had to walk under the scorching sun
  2. lorry drivers were getting on my nerve as they kept on whistling to attract my attention
  3. the Vanilla cafe serves real expensive food.
I have humiliating pair of thighs. I wanna do a lipo and suck all the lipids out of my cellulites. The oversize black shirt i got for rm25 is definitely a steal. Accessorized it with a black ribbon and i had my denim cotton on shorts hidden beneath the shirt.

Looks are certainly deceiving. Bottled water for rm3.80? Come on. Their desserts are all above rm6. Meringue for a rate like that? Totally not worth it.

Their service was so slow and i didn't wanna miss the daily series of Ugly Betty so i had my kiddy pizza packed. I spent a total of rm13 for the unappetizing pizza and bottled water. I vow not to go back there again. Unless i have to go back there to company some bunch of people.

Also, something groundbreaking is heading your way. Art requires a lot of patience. If only i have the will to be patient when it comes to solving mathematic equations.

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