Monday, August 16, 2010

Jumbo Fries' done it again

I was so adamant to study today, but obviously being me, distractions drove me away. This, with a little hint of exasperation makes me wanna shoot myself and be reincarnated to be someone so disciplined and independent. A total opposite of who I am, unfortunately.

There's so much i would like to do, in fact, i'd give you a long list. I can be count in as a genuine procrastinator. Hopefully, with God's grace i am able to get out of my own land of fluffy creations and pink cotton clouds to some place also known as the Reality.

Had a couple of comments on my gain of weight lately. Was very much offended and upset. I have very low self-esteem it seems. Time to take three small bites for each partake of meals. And say hello to grains and oats and sourberries. {insert constipated look}

Remind me why am I doing this to myself again?

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