Monday, August 30, 2010

Flabs with a serious appetite

I have always loved food garnished with attractive colourful edible decoys. Now that the creative side is beginning to show in food form, i am completely in awe. And hungry as well. ;) I think it's hereditary since my mother has kept a fetish towards all things food since childhood and she has never failed to leave me with a gastronomical range of food. But it's sad to say, i like food in general and not those stuff wealthy people eat like foie gras and raw scallops cause honestly, they look disgusting lest they'll give me the ache in my tummy. D;

I guess it's in everyone's nature to skip the appetizers and the mains for desserts. Well, that's me for sure. I have always looked forward to eating scrumptious cakes and puddings and sweet delicacies when invited to doing lunch or dinner ala buffet. I mean, there ain't any rule to obey and desserts are always pricey but worth all the cold stares and shrugs given by the people surrounding you because you're in haven. :)

Other than just food, fun fact about me #219pf826s: I adore white plates. I love food served on white plates. It denotes tranquility and an instant feel of utter joy when you munch those heavenly chocolate chip cookies and the crumbs automatically found home on the plate of sheer white, gleaming in front of your eyes. :) Mmmmmmmmmm you say?

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