Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bam bam (:

Today,it was such a hectic day. -.-"

I finished up an essay that i was working on since yesterday and it takes hours just to find suitable vocabularies and grammar for it. I'm suppose to pass it up today,thats why i was rushing to finish it. All thanks to Ji Yin and a little help of Nandini,i finished it. (: I guess Ji Yin was kinda annoyed by me already as i keep on asking her to translate words from malay to english like for example 'berganding bahu' and loads of other words. Haha! This proves that i really have to brush up my English. *sigh*

Oh and i hate hate hateeeee pn siti! She's such an unreasonable teacher. I can't pass economics by having such an idiotic teacher. But anyway,i had her for the last two periods today. And she snatched my unfinished essay from me. Pft. I had to say sorry a million times unwillingly to get my unfinished essay in the horrible book back. All thanks to her,i passed up my book right before my english teacher step foot out of the teacher's office to head home. Thank God i finished it as fast as i could,writing the essay like the FLASH. I will totally kill that economy teacher of mine if i did not hand in my work.

After that,i straight away go to SPBT room to participate in the BIG clean up as the room was very dirty then. But all thanks to the bunch of work-holics and *coughs* me,we cleaned the room regardless of being tired and dirty,thus in the end the room became shiny. ;D

Thou shall stop here as i have to rush off to tuition. I'll end this with PICTURES! (:

Yi Waey and me, we were really cleaning! Honestly.

Me cleaning the door at the most back,see so rajin right? and the bunch of workaholics,more inside.

The two hard-working brainy ladies

Oh not to forget,Sher Li and Jia Yun too. (:

And and Carson! With his cheeky smile. Haha!

And not to forget our photographer of the day, Pn Khoo! ;D She finally know how to use a digital camera properly. -.-"

There are loads of other pictures like our president, Jocelyn, the form fives and Michael Ling with Chien Sen of 4 Bakti and the form threes. (: But lazy to upload,so next time ba.

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