Monday, March 30, 2009

Why her when it's me?

We lost by the way. Our school has been unfair towards us, scouts, since the beginning. Racist. Its not that we dont want malays,its just that the malays dont come to us. Here's a little convo between me and Neville.

Stupid racists.
When we were passing out flyers about scouts during orientation,a group of malay form ones came to us and said " Huh scouts? The chinese one ah? Tak nak join lah "
What the hell. Whats wrong with chinese? Got problem is it.

Damn tulan man! In the end krs and kadet polis won top two. Because there were no chinese in it. At least we have a few malays. Anyhow,here's few lousy pictures i took.

Go en. Yusaini

Jez asked me to take a few what say "candid" shots of him and them.

Take one. Not that successful cause apparently he's looking at the camera -.-"

Take two. This one's alright but john was laughing.

Take three. Cannot tahan already. All of them were laughing except for taycc.

After that,we went back home. Didn't follow John and Wei Jie to visit Wei Wen in Sjmc cause was too tired and i carried a horrible look on my face. Thank God she's alright already. (:

Another emo p/s (for what jez would say) ; I would be in cloud 9 if that person could be me. *sigh*

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