Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Emo post ;D

Words That Never Existed

I was lost in thoughts.
Thoughts,about you.
How we never much talk
And how envious i am towards that lucky someone.

Days passed by,
But no words came out from you.
From your mouth full of jokes and ever-lasting laughters.

Can't you hear me?
Or perhaps notice the obvious reason why i commit myself to you?

I always dream.
Of being together with you,and to share my dreadful heart that will no longer be the same.
I would be the happiest person to have it that way.
Though i know you will never change your mind,
I will always be trying and to never give up.
Oh no i will not.

I always wanted my life to be the same as movies and cartoons,
Where it is indeed easy to get hold of what you want,
And to hear,
The words that never existed in your dictionary,
Which are full of sweet,kind,pathetic words.

And by this,

I hate you. For all the reasons up there.

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