Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Flying to a land far far away.

Thinking back,i like this skin more as it is not very common. My other skin has been used by many people and i kind of screwed the blog's html so it looks horrid. Thus,this is how this skin came to be! (:

I'll be leaving this blog dead for 11 days as i will be in the west. Hence,its true that this will be my last post for the time being. I'm pretty excited about it,but i think some other people got more excited than me. Haha! I'll be buying Aun T'ng an extra large bikini,as she asked for it. (Mark my word T'ng!) Gifts for loads of people, I'll have a hole in my pocket during my stay over there. I need unlimited cash,Ginie! Please grant my wish.

I guess i have to go study now. I'm having economics and history tomorrow. One word, DIE. I can't memorise everything! Oh,i'll be missing mod. maths and accounts though. ;D

Till then, (:

P/s ; I'll miss you most.

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