Monday, March 9, 2009

batman craps the hell outta me

Ignore my random title up there. You see,i've abandoned my blog for quite some time already. But i do have a reason,or perhaps more than that. As you all shan't know,i'm having my first form four exam and i already hated it. As how i hated exams,this is worse. It felt like i'm sitting for a major exam. Fear not,i kept telling myself. I screwed my add maths and literature paper on friday. I didn't know it will be that tough,i felt like bursting into tears. But what the heck,whats done is done.

Anyway,after that test irene and i skiddled off to pyramid. Kinda tiring and scary tho. Cause theres this foreigners who kinda looked at us while we were eating at Carls Jr. And did i mention that Carls Jr. punya burgers are delicious. (: Oh and besides,they're value for money. Unlike McD,boycott like hell-o.

At neoprints.

Bra shopping (Weird but yeah)

I just love this fillet burger. And the fries are extra-ordinaire!

Drinking f&n

No,i'm not pregnant

Oh! I'm currently packing up for my trip to US this coming thursday. I just can't wait any longer for that day. (: I'm already planning on what to buy as soon as i reach there. God,i'll be shopping like some crazy uncurable shopaholic.

Thats it for now, (: Till then.

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