Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pressure for the better or for worse?

Again,i've not been updating my blog recently. I need to preclude from doing this loads but my non-living keyboard and the only place where we get education is stopping me. I'm getting batty over this. I've been doing the same thing each day in school. Spbt,class for a mo,spbt,class for a mo. And i'm also considered having insomnia since i find it really hard for me to sleep at night. I often feel tired and sleepy when i'm at school. I feel ghastly as well,having to miss many classes and the lack of concentration when teacher was briefing about the particular subject. God,save me.

As you all should know,i'm taking accounts stream and i have by far the worst teacher for accounts and economics. The add maths was alright,good but bad at teaching. I'm not judging,its just me facing the reality. My best friend is in another class. Pfft,i've only got those naive ones which is quite a bore. I need her! :(

In conclusion,i want form three back. *sigh*

Anyhow,chinese new year is around the corner. I'm missing those cash in beautiful red packets. Let me tell you the agenda. Ist day; visits then watch movie at night. 2nd day; whole day at aunt's watching aunties playing mahjong. 3rd day; my hard-working mother wants to work. Hence,God knows what i'll do at home. Crap,my cny celebration this year is so dull. My collection of red packets with tremendous cash will decrease. I need more generous people living in this world.

Once again,i'll improve in updating my blog. Mark my word! 6:

Do i need to explain further?

The pressure's all mine. eh gediknya

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