Friday, January 23, 2009

i've done it again.

Had some arguments today. But it ended well,or so i hope it did. (:
Chinese New Year is coming and i'm not really in the mood to blog because my wimax is being a douchebag actually. Oh and i found a tuition to go already. Its kasturi in taipan. With that,my schedule for the week will be utterly busy. :O I wanna learn science and history so badly because currently,both teachers in my school sucked. And i really need to learn how to do a proper official letter with new format ASAP because apparently,i have to do so. Scouts and SPBT is making me losing hair therefore,i must have hair treatment in any hair care specialist so that i could still have strings of it at the age of 20.

Listen to this. ; Thats what friends are for.

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