Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dr. Gregory House

Ashikin and i planned to stay back on friday. Coincidentally,we brought phones and venosha tagged along. I brought 60 and it all finished at one go.Walked to ss15 ipoh white coffee cause i want to eat asam laksa. Haha' I've been craving for that since the last time i had one which was last year. We ate kinda lot and as usual,i didn't end up finish eating all of it. Such a waste i know. ;D

After the meal,we walked over to a dvd store to look for some dvds. Obviously. I chose to buy The Sound of Music and another musical but House Season Five caught my eye. So i bought that instead and together with ashikin's korean drama,Who Are You? which i sponsor one buck. As we were happily walking back to school,we met our biggest most hatred enemy on earth. The Sun. Yes,The Sun,as usual,shines it's superpower to us. We got defeated by sweating tremendously all thanks to the Sun.

Tired and exhausted,ash and veno went home by asking some canteen lady to give them a ride. Wellme, being the semangat one stayed back at school for some scout discussion at 3. Had to hear the commandent bragging about the recruit camp. Which was indeed utterly FASCINATING having to hear it for what,3 hours? For your knowledge,if it is a must to continue such story,this post will never end. Therefore,please let the pictures go on. (:

Yes,we were having Choo's.

For your record,we do amazing pouts. :o

Meet Ms. Choo Einstein

And Ji Yin (:

And and Venosha

And my P.I.C Ashikin

Threesome in kopitiam

The sun made Ash mad,thus with full energy,she ran to school first for shelter.

Then came along Venosha for support

And me,gazing at them like some retard.

We obviously made it,to the stairs.

She was exhausted,me recovering. ;D

So it was a candid shot of me.

This was the hard part. Persuading her was tiring,look at my face. :F

And so is The Commandent. Nice pose kan. New style.

Oh oh,and before that,a baby girl was born on the 22nd of January 2009 in SJMC. Meet my god sister, Pang Ee Sien. (:

A star is born

And her name,is totally almost the same as mine. :D

Pang Ee Sien = Toh Ee San

Take that!

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