Monday, December 29, 2008

You're a piece of humiliality

You think yours bleed deeper than mine? Get a life!

Ignore that line. It's something you don't want to know. Besides that,you don't have the rights to know anyway. I'm so what the duck over it. *sigh* Apart from that,it was the scout annual dinner yesterday when this happened. Screwed my mood badly. Wth,why am i telling you this? For christ sake. So yesterday was fun,until that person spoiled it completely. I hate you so much i wanna rip your body and chop your intestines to bits. Oh FOR THE LOVE OF GOD,i can't stop myself by telling you all these.

Look at bal's face. *grins*

Sneak peek of what happened ytd. Will post more once i get from Bal,i promise.

Im cursing right now,FUCK YOU.

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