Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Idiotic keyboard

The reason i'm not updating my blog so long is because of the lousy network i have to deal at home. So annoying and frustrating that i could not play my Habbo. ): Anyway,on monday,i went to Lagoon with irene. It was really tiring but uber fun! at the same time. Am using on screen keyboard btw,my dungu lousy jakun keyboard not working. How sad can that be? *sigh* The point is,lagoon was fun! and it is better if theres lesser not much of ppl go. PICS! (:

My fav. toilet. Long story. Bleh!

Pirate's Revenge. Awesome!

A very England un-scary guy from Screm Park.

When my flips went blardedash (not sure if thats a real word)

Unfortunately,scream park ain't scary andwe went in two times. It was a Laugh. :D

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