Saturday, December 20, 2008


"Hello,sorry to bother if this wakes you up. I know i'm evil. Ha ha. Yes yes get to the point. I CAN'T SLEEP. Zubazubatingthingtongtongbobbabobba. Anyway,that's not the point. What was it again? Oh yes! I'M WASTING MY CREDIT. Wait,thats not the point also. Oh yes,wah thinking of dim sum now. Oh sorry okay okay to the point. Zazaza 3rd page of crap man. Ok ok if you do not get any calls or msg other than this, it means i'm in my dreamland which means you need to find any way to wake me up. Like even to bang down the door also i don't mind. I want a new door anyway. Ha ha, oh thats all. Thank you. Wa 4th page! "

Thats what you get from a person who is dead sleepy but can't sleep at 5 a.m. :/
Will update photos of us in shakila's soonnnnnn! Too lazy. (:

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