Saturday, December 13, 2008

Find the strength in me.

So i've just finished chats with auntng. I was planning to get my tiny moles out of my face hence i decided to ask her since she has done it. Fuh,summit ones charge like rm20 for one bloody mole! And they'll take a needle or something to poke it until it becomes redder and it'll swells. :O It'll lasts for like 3 weeks until it dropped by itself. Thus,i'm having second thoughts about it. Shall i?

Anyway,i so cant wait for Sims 3 to come out in Malaysia! Which is on the 20th of February. So bloody long! *sigh*

*click to enlarge it*

I miss you, irene. Pls come back fast fast. Aidan,please change your bloody attitude.

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