Friday, December 12, 2008


I think i trusts indonesian maids no more. Here's why ;

1st year maids ; newbie.
2nd year maids ; experienced,found love,planning to run.
3rd year maids ; run maid run.

I ducking hate em' now as it occurs to me loads of uncountable times. Once they got their hands of some gadgets (phones,cameras,etc.), they'll start going hee-haa. Well i tell you what maids,if you want to find love,sex or fun,i don't think this job suits you. You're ducking wasting your employer's cash!
Yeah i AM furious. Get a life.

My mum's going through a mid-life crisis. Her temper's rising these days,she's already worried when she gained 3 kilos,she scolded my maid although it was just a small matter,and she's so concern about her age. I was just wondering if she's having menopause because of the temper but something tells me thats bull. Haha'

Found it in mph today. :D

Oh yeah,i have Adele's song stuck in my head. Chasing Pavements. Although she's erm,big-sized but dont ever under-estimate her! She has a charming and loud voice that i very much adore. I find her inner beauty amazing.

I am also in the mood for some old musicals! I love em' so much. Especially Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music and also Mary Poppins. ♥ Audrey hepburn,Gene kelly,Donald O'Connor are legends as well.

So today's the Sultan of Selangor's birthday. As usual,there is a public holiday. It is indeed a very fine day that i could run through the grass,plucking flowers from gardens,singing a random song and act like a child at the age of 6. Until the rain strikes! Pft,rain. Makes me have the urge to take a cozy nap in the dusk. Was having a good dream when mother wants to go Parade. So its obvious that i have to follow as she was afraid i'll mis-use the time to sleep some more! And i will be widely awake at night. Thus,i hopped into the car lazingly. Spent hours reading a book that i can't imagine i was doing so.

Why Bad Grades Happen To Good Kids?

(Like me :D Sorry,i accidentally blocked the sentence,Kids)

Surprised? Heh. Oh anyway,i want to compare David Cook and David Archulata (Whatever his name is) !

David Cook

David Archulata or leta whatever.

So one is short one is tall. One sings rock and another sings pop? One looks matured and one looks kiddy? I find both ugly,average height,sings like a sticky tape that makes all fans addicted to them. I tell you i hate them,no offence taken i hope. They will be the next Carrie Underwood or Taylor Hicks,the no longer famous ones. They're like drugs,but the fans will go rehab after they realise. Thats in my opinion-lah.

And and i want to watch Bride Wars so badly now! It is going to screen in cinemas on the 29th of January 09' which is so long! It is about two best friends (Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway) become rivals when they schedule their respective weddings on the same day. Simplified synopsis i'm giving you. I wanna wanna watch it! :(

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