Sunday, November 2, 2008

Carbohydrates and fats

Hello,its still the very same sunday. I'm still having the very same sore eyes. Still no,i'm not blue. Surfing the internet the whole day gets me bored liao. Dad called and quoted that he'll be back late tonight. Loads of work to do. Thus,i'll be stuck at his house till lets say,8pm? So with the urge to not waste time,i took my phone instantly and without hesitation,i cam-whore'd. ;D Pictures turned out quite uhum boleh tahan lah. *grins* I want my mom to be back asap so that i could have my haircut and the laptop she promised to buy. (:

Pictures of me,having fun by myself,so lonely. ): Haaha,thanks ethan for the teman.

Picking a boo (:

Aiya,pai seh(segan) lah. ;D *blush*

Admiring fake flowers. Stupid no?

The end of a very INTERESTING story. P;

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