Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oh,the pain.

Yesterday straight after schl,i teman ms.irene to pierce at sunway. Man,i thought it would be pain but nah. The piercing guy is a pro man. She did it at her belly. Heee,its kinda nice tho. :D We then took a cab back to my aunt's at ss15 since my mom's not around. She bought step brothers and thought that we would watch it since its too early for her to go back. The plan didnt work after we decided to drink vodka. My first time man. God,i will never want to drink vodka,EVER. Haha,we were bored that we talked unexpected stuffs and we acted like small kids in the playground. We swing and played tic-tac-toe. It was kinda hillarious. What a hollaween for us both! (:

Today,i woke up at 8 and to find out that i'll be watching tv the whole day. Oh man,its like theres some movie marathon running on the screen. At about 5,i 'enjoyed' pain in the stomach. At that very same time,my dad arrived. Too bad lah,i had diarrhoa. Dad and bro went for dinner while waiting for me. I hate it when my tummy hurts. Its a tragedy.

Take note that what hurts most is not dissapointment,ashame nor anger but the pain you're going through in your own body. Man i'm like Dr.Phil right now. P: So yeah,thats that.

Oh yeah,Mat,i'm so sorry but to put you off my playlist. I dont know you,i've never seen you. Thanks for the liking on me,i appreciate it.

Pictures? Scroll down.

Good day y'all.

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