Monday, October 27, 2008

Take a chance on me.

Oh my gosh,i'm just so addicted to mamma mia right now. I'm apparently blogging right now cause of mathew who woke me up at 8:20 am. Jeez. So he owe me loads. The first website i visit is youtube. To watch the video clips of mamma mia's songs. (: I love love this movie and
yeah,i watch it over and over again because of meryl streep,christine baranski,and julie walters. They're just better singers than abba. P:

My mum and grandma will be off to new zealand at 2 pm today. Bring me back loads of souveniers mum! (: You know,in the future,i want to be like my mom who uses her own money to survive without depending on husbands. So independent but i'm not sure if i can take that type of responsibility. You see,my mum has to bring me and my brother up alone cause she's a divorcee. My dad only give my mum rm1000 per month for my bro and i. I'm telling you,its so not enough. 3/4 of the cheque has gone all to me cause of the tuitions and dance classes. I wanted to quit dancing but i'm already grade 7 and my mum thinks it will be a waste if i just quit. Thank God my mom has a high paycheck to sara my brother and i. Fyi,all her louis vuitton bags are not counted. Its her old man who bought it for her. :O Haha'

All right,thats all for now. I have nothing much to say actually. Toodles (: