Sunday, October 26, 2008

I missed the fun.

You're still on my mind. Hello people. This week i kept myself busy in school while everyone enjoyed themselves. And i didn't get to be in the pictures with my buddies. ): Imagine how sad it is? Plus i've lost contact with the guy i thought i'm falling in hearts with. Bad luck bad luck. So yeah i was currently helping out in spbt cause of the form threes returning books. Tiring yes it is. Fun,no. On wednesday on the other hand,i went to some trip to the historical places in kl. All of us had to wear orange. Haha' I sat with zariff and hang out with him almost the whole day as friends but some crackpot people thinks we're dating. Eww,please. I wont date 'taken' guys. He has a girlf and he loves her a lot. So please dont be jealous cause i get to be near him whatsoever you're thinking right now. We're just friends who shares secrets. (:

Oh if you're reading this,i hope you know that i'll always remember the finest friend i've had is you. I'm glad i had you as mine but now its all gone,and theres no one to be blame. Thanks anyway. (;

its nala and me! (:

one of the tallest flag pole.

end of day.