Friday, September 26, 2008

This is dedicated to someone whom i thought i would care for.

- You left me alone when i need someone to be beside me when i'm down. But where were you?
- You cared for others,but why not me?
- You ignore me and you dont make me happy. Dont you realise that?
- I tried and tried hard to entertain you,but why must you make it difficult?
- I'm just your doll,you would come and play with me and pretend i'm invisible when your mood flies.
- When you were down and full of troubles,who lent you a shoulder? Who took out gold from piggy banks after hard work from saving them?
- I've never asked for anything more than to be your vvip,and yet i listed you as mine.
- I've lost friends whom we were once close like sisters,but now its all gone cause i thought that i'll have a better one. But i guess i was wrong.
- I tried to make you laugh but all you could give was a 5 second smile which is indeed making me feeling utterly sad.
- I lied for you many times,i sacrifice for you uncountable times,i cover up for you unlimited time when you know its wrong,i am always there for you when i'm in need. But think about it,do you do the same?
- I am eager to confess to you but i do not have the guts to do so. Call me a coward oh i dont mind.
- Aint i as important to you as X? I was all alone and i even shed a tear but you were at the other end,laughing all the way.
- All the ideas you gave were ultimate useless,to tell you honestly. Dont get offended but its true.
- And you cant live without her,what about me? You said sorry to her after leaving her for about a few mins just to sit with me quietly but why,when you left me i could not even hear a whisper of the five letter word that you're sorry?
- I have to admit i'm jealous that you treat others better.

I sincerely hope you'll change for the better after reading this. Please appreciate those who were there for you,those who sacrifice for you. I dont have the balls to say 'no' to you,and i could not bear to make you sad. But why are you the one who put darkness instead of light to my life? I can tell you're a lifeless person if you dont know who you are.

However,i would like to thank you for still knowing i'm one of your daisies. And thank you for those who were there for me. May God bless all of you with flying colours for pmr.

In good times, and bad times,
I'll be by your side forever more,
That's what friends are for.
Lyric dipetik daripada a great oldie (:

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