Sunday, September 28, 2008


Irene,shakila and i shared money to buy nala her present. And please take note that its a phone. :O And its NOKIA 1208,quite new and got colour but no cam. Out of budget lah if got. It'll be 10x more pricey than the phone itself.

Anyway,had dinner with dad and uncle today at steven's corner. I secretly took a retarded picture of my bro. Muahaha :D Ain't he pretty? Look at he's facial expression. Ahaha,guys aren't all photogenic altho its candid. When i got home,i told my dad i've got B for maths and he was almost like 'Oh,BIG deal'. And he started to under estimate me. He even compare me to my bro! At least i've got a B and no more failure. Duck sial,i wanted to fight back that its hard for me to get A since i have bad memory and all. What the duck man. At least mum is still human. She gave me smiles and told me to try harder. My tutor gave me 50 bucks but none from my dad. Not even a smile that he's happy for it.

Parents nowadays. No offence adults! But you guys think too lowly of us. This one not good,that one not good. What the duck lah. Dont you understand us adolescents? We're trying hard to be a success and make you guys proud tau! Please lah,think about us.

My toe got injured badly when i was rushing home from irene's. I knock over a huge rock with a sharp edge. I asked mum to buy plasters as i cant stand the pain when it contacts with water. It was a few days ago lah but yet it still hurts. But its the best product from hansaplast. Cheap,made of good quality and comfy (:

I'm going off now. Nothing much to do. So long then (:

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