Sunday, November 7, 2010

3 shops and a kid.

Had a wonderful day spent with this coconut head of my beloved godbrother. He needs an english name, pronto. Had him slept over my place last night, prolly gonna be his last time. He's growing up way too fast. Makes me all teary as i type this. He is currently hooked to all things the Simpsons. He watched a marathon of the same Simpsons movie thrice.

And yes, that's him playing the Simpsons game on the PS2 my brother and i share. My brother had initially wanted to play Hitman, but this young fella was persistent to play as well. Pity. Just look at him, so focus, eyes adjusted to the screen, ignoring all my calls (you would have to repeat six times to get his attention).

I'm gonna miss this guy though he's house is about a fifteen minutes ride from my crib.

Going off for some breakfast!

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