Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's get personal #1

Here's a little something you should, would, love, must know about me.

Who's Trisha?

I am an introvert but i am slowly growing out of my cocoon. I am a shy yet courageous. I have ambitions, plans, and whatnot like any ordinary human. But i live to be spontaneous. I am straight-forward. I don't do lies, and i tell of no such but otherwise, only at certain circumstances. I am a believer of God and I am happy to be under God's watch. I have feelings and i play on emotions depending on the situation. I understand, listen and advice. I let out a defeaning scream to vertebrates that fly and invertebrates that glide.

Basically you should just stay with me and befriend me till we're old and toothless.

What's your favourite comfort food and why?

I've many. Since i am born with a mother who is a food addict but takes minimal bites and passed them over to me to finish what is left. I pretty much can't live without desserts. :)

Share something silly about yourself.

I am very afraid of most insects. It goes against my general character, but it's a phobia i just can't contain. There was this one time where my family decided to take on a journey to the butterfly park in Kuala Lumpur when i was pretty young. In less than 3 minutes i had to leave the place as i was so terrified of the huge amount of butterflies swarming around freely.

What's better, all the money in the world or all the free time?

I don't think that exist in our human world.

What is your hobby?

Read. I love books. I mean, i am an avid reader of fictional and sometimes, non as well. I adore authors that are creative and imaginative. Like J.K. Rowling.

Who or what inspires you?

The people around me, the environment, great poems, and indie bloggers.

'She waved her right hand, and lakes and woods appeared; she waved her left hand, and various birds began to fly about'

I think this should be just enough, for now. :) Till then.

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