Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sugar rush no more

Bought this chio looking bottle of Coca-cola zero in Empire today. They were having some sort of a korean food fair that is on-going till the end of June i think. As i was looking through the drinks section, i stumbled upon a small bottle of what seemed to be this particular flavour of Coke. Hence, the urge to buy and try. The bottle is really small. In comparison to an average mineral water bottle, coca-cola zero is 2 times smaller, and 2 times the price. I did not want to buy at first because of the very dark colour and it looks so unhealthy and acidic, and how very unreasonable the price is, but then again, being curious at something rare is inevitable. Took out my what-it-used-to-be-bulky purse and paid every single penny i've left to the cashier, reluctantly.

My first sip of this self-acclaimed zero sugar of a coke, it has this rather odd taste.

But as i took my second gulp, i was like


It's electricfying! It gives you the urge to spread your wings and dance nakedly in an animated world of sponges and fish-talking-fishes with a stick pretending to catch jellyfish in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom.

Unfortunately, when dream bubbles go ka-put, you'll have to bear with the tremendous burps and endless hiccups. You'll soon realize that it's a carbonated soft drink after all. Meh.

In a complete different note, may i present you, drumrolls please!

! It's confirmed. Put toy story 3 aside and get all hyped for Monsters Inc 2!
Click! for more details, loves. ;)

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