Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The postponed one.

I've not much photos of the march comp. Most of them are either with Elaine or Vincent. I have an extremely lazy attitude,so deal with these pictures. Last Saturday,the bsm girls and scout guys went for this daerah march comp help in Shah Alam. The guys won third,while the girls didn't win anything but best commandent. Credits to Jocelyn. Well done. (: 'Nuff said. I've got sunburnt real bad at my nose and forehead instead of the cheeks. Hence,please don't question me.

She had a confident look on her face and a voice none had,she deserves it. (Referring to Jo.)

His face says it all.

Us (girls + boys) in MSU,Shah Alam. (Grabbed from Jez's blog)

Oh! Besides that,i utterly need a pair of shades from ray-ban. It's so.. nice.

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