Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh call, 1-800-Slim-Fast

You couldn't imagine how much i ate today! It was so unbelievable. Must be from my genes that i inherited from my mom. Cause she used to eat like three plates of rice in her younger days and worse,it's for each meal in one day. ;O

Anyway i'm so bored so i shall share with you on what i ate today.
For breakfast or what we call as Recess in school,
i took a small bite of shicheng's pandan pao,
i ate several popcorn chicken from venosha,
i ate some banana thing that i grabbed from ji yin and ashikin.
oh and i took big sips of their sarsi as well. (:
I know i know,i tried to control kay!

And then i left school early to bathe and head out for
Lunch with the mummay and her Boss,
KOREAN food. and i hope you do know that their servings are humongous.
oh and a slice of watermelon to boost up my energy for the exam.

After the exam, which ends at about 3:45p.m. i got super hungry again and
I had an early dinner which consists of,
an instant noodle cup,
some herbal soup my grandmere made me drink,
biscuits,like loads of em'
and two bowls of tong sui (chinese dessert made of mainly liquid)
oh and more watermelons!

Take that! If i keep on following this diet,i guarantee you,in another bleeping time i'll be a Godzilla!
I need someone to control me please. And perhaps put bars to prevent me from entering the kitchen again.

C'est la vie.

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