Saturday, March 28, 2009

I am working on a cutting edge of Computer Technology.

What the cuttlefish. The title of this post is so random. Anyhow,here's updates on my trip to Obama's. I'm sorry for abandoning my blog like for a very long period of time. Screw wimax! :D

My last outing with them in Carl's Jr. Pyramid. My fav hot spot to hang out. (:

All smiles before leaving for the airport.

My mama bought this to eat in the plane. Its super nice but fattening.

Goodbye Abdullah.

Hello clouds (: So jakun and random i know.

Its so very the tempting to take pictures of the clouds.

Cathay provides roti jala! Awesome (:

Hong Kong's guardian. Thats the original name.

Its starting to get dark. I was on the way to a 12 hour journey to Los Angeles.

To be honest,it was already morning in malaysia.

Look! I brought Ernie along. (:

You can see my name there in Disneyland's walk of fame.

Saya di Disneyland,California.

Mickey mouse and friends thanked and welcome me with a huge envolope. *smiles* How sweet eh.

My newly renovated house that i got to stay with minnie. Pfft.

MY palace. (;


Who says we cant have a short boyfriend?

Oh captain jack sparrow! (: The ride was awesomely boring.

Turkey leg. Japan's better. Thats how i gained much weight.

Overall,Disney's not bad. Should go to Florida's.

Next day,Universal! It was duper cold. And i wore shorts. -.-"

A must watch! Awesome.

My picture car.

My oversized big fat lump bone of mine.

The setting of Big Fat Liar.

Kababoom! (:

If only i survived.

War of the Worlds! (:

Meet my fat friend,Jaws.

At the Jurassic Park ride. Super lame man.

Waterworld. Boleh tahan lah.

My mama got this for me at an extreme rate,and i had to finish the coke in it. *stomach ache!* $10.99 for it. of course have to finish it lah. Its like rm43.96 for that!

My green friend,it ate loads of spinach.

Krustyland! Screw the whites. Can't they see me posing there?!

Ah spongebob! My yellow friend! I made various type of friends.

Stevien spielberg! I took this instead as i dont want to take a picture of the same old boring walk of fame.

Its suppose to be Morgan Freeman. Screw my tired exhausted face.

KFC Keanu Reeves!


Sex Shop in Mexico. I went in.

Those are not even mine!

Las Vegas! (:

San Francisco's amazing beach. But super cold i went straight to the bus after this shot.

Now,do you believe in science?

This is not a Postcard. Copyrights reserved.

So long,San Francisco!
Sports day tmr! I hate marching.
P/s; We were so close i cant even talk to you. ):

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