Thursday, February 26, 2009

"You're about as useful as a one-legged man at an arse kicking contest." - Rowan Atkinson

Sorry for not updating in a terazillenion times. As you should know,by doing this,i'm in no interest whatsoever in blogging. Cause i have too much to say yet nothing to type. I shall update more,the next time i surf

I'll end this,with a poetry.

I Do Not Like That

As by way of a general ruling

I have made this to be my doctrine

To dislike, distrust or fear

Any creature meeting these criteria

Anything with more limbs than I

Anything that moves faster than I

Anything with scales or feathers

Anything surviving extreme weathers

Anything having more teeth than I do

Any creature covered in goo

Anything that growls and grunts

That isn’t engaged in sexual stunts

Anything with claws and talons

Anything that drools by the gallons

Anything that’s excessively hairy

Any creature whose eyes are starey

Anything that bites or stings

Anything that uses wings

Anything with horns or armour

Anything with an aggressive demeanour

Anything too small to see

Anything that’s bigger than me

If you think of anything I've missed

Then I will add them to the list

Toh cheh


Oh p/s! A white just talked to me when i was eating roti telur. How friendly,i likey (:

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