Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It was lust at first sight.

So here's a convo with ashikin during siviks ;

Ash: eh just now i saw my dad minum chrysantymum tea. i like that drink also.
Trish: ask him to give you lar
Ash: i also like to drink one. see,like father like daughter
Trish: i like to drink too. chinese loves it
Ash: he and i sama sama one. like we have the same sperm
Trish: (speechless) OMG,ashikin! pls tell me you dont mean it. its called GENES lah! aiyaiyai
Ash: aiya what to do! the first word that comes out from my brain is sperm ma,so i cakap je lah!

She was being so spontaneous and random at such way. Haha!

I was being kisiao -.-"

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